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Smart Lockers

Smart locker cabinets using advanced technology can be multi-functional depending on the needs of the installation area such as personal property storage, forwarding function such as transportation of goods and parcels in residential areas or storing and transferring documents/papers internally in the office area.

In a rapidly growing society, where all of us are influenced and driven by technology, everything around us is gradually becoming  intelligent to meet the needs of life as well as remain friendly with new people and the environment.

With smart cars and smart phones, smart locker cabinets are in as an emerging trend. A versatile cabinet can provide optimal convenience for us. Let Locker & Lock discover what a smart locker cabinet will do through three outstanding solutions!

So what does a Smart Locker cabinet do? Locker and Lock will introduce three of the many solutions that Smart Locker Cabinets, also known as E-Locker, are receiving a lot of attention about:

  1. Storage of personal belongings
  2. Smart locker cabinet for office
  3. Delivery
Storage of personal belongings:

This is one of the solutions applied based on the basic nature of a locker cabinet: With the combination of software technology developed specifically for each cabinet, the management of objects and stored applications have become easier.

All manual operations to close and open the cabinet are replaced with extremely simple operations on the screen:

  • Through the software interface, the user will know exactly which cabinets are available to place his items in; which cabinet is individually designated for a single item.
  • Managers can see which users have used the cabinets at any time, choose which cabinets to store. In addition, the cabinets that are designated to hold a separate item will help the manager to know the number of items that have been removed or sent in, through step-by-step instructions to enter the information of that item (Scan barcode Product or Enter the product number.)
Smart locker cabinets for offices:
  • This solution is used in offices with many departments, with the goal of saving time waiting in the processing of documents, sending parcels and items back and forth. The sender will enter his information and the recipient information, a One-Time-Password (OTP) code will be sent to the Phone (Or Email, or in the form of Barcode code printed on paper) of the recipient. After that, the selected Locker drawer will automatically open for the sender to place documents or items.

Once the user closes the cabinet, the Locker cabinet will be changed to “In use” and only the recipient can use the OTP code received to open the cabinet.


This is a solution developed based on the model of the two solutions above. The E-Locker manager will have additional tools to accurately identify a drawer for the shipper.

We will take an example as follows:

Mr. A purchases an item on the Shopee site and chooses the shipping point as the building where he lives. But delivery time falls on the day he has to go on a business trip and cannot receive goods personally. Mr. A suddenly remembered that his building where he lives is equipped with E-Locker.

Mr. A contacts the cabinet management, provides information about the shipper and the time he will pick up goods for the management department. At this time, the management will place a Locker drawer in accordance with the size of the item that Mr. A ordered. A One-Time-Password (OTP) temporary password will be sent to Shopee’s shipper. Shopee’s deliverer will then come to the E-Locker locker, enter OTP and the drawer will be opened for them to store. Mr. A will receive another OTP code to open the locker after he returns from his business trip.

These are just three of the models that smart lockers can be used to serve. In addition, depending on the actual needs and requirements of users, smart locker cabinets can be customised to better suit the usage model.