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As educational institutions in Singapore aim for safe, efficient, and welcoming learning spaces, our Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) school lockers fit right in. Tailored to stand up to Singapore’s humidity and rigorous academic needs, they provide a secure spot for students’ and even teachers’ essentials. 

These lockers come in various sizes to suit different needs and spaces, equipped with modern locks for easy access without compromising security. Perfect for schools looking to streamline organisation and enhance the learning environment, our lockers offer a practical solution that looks stylish too, making them a great choice for any educational setting.

Make the smart switch to our school lockers for a clutter-free, secure learning atmosphere that encourages focus.

Who We Serve

At the heart of our mission to enhance educational environments, our school lockers have found a home within a wide array of Singapore’s most esteemed educational institutions. From the vibrant classrooms of early learning centres to the prestigious lecture halls of top-tier universities, these partnerships reflect a mutual commitment to excellence.

Types of School Lockers

Find the ideal school locker to match your educational setting’s requirements and support every stage of student growth:

  • Kindergarten: N4 (465 x 320 x 500): Tailored for your youngest learners, this locker is ideal for neatly storing books, backpacks, and snacks. Its design incorporates cabinet-style lockers equipped with easy-to-use door handles, making it perfectly suited for children who may find operating traditional locks challenging. This thoughtful configuration encourages their first steps towards independence in a safe and accessible manner.
  • Primary: W400 (465 x 382 x 500): This locker is designed to accommodate the larger books and backpacks typical of primary school students. It offers two options to match the evolving needs of these learners: a basic door handle for easy access or more secure 3S and DL-12 locks on wooden cabinets, which can be used under the guidance of teachers. This flexibility ensures that as children grow and learn, they can safely manage their belongings, gradually introducing them to the concept of security in a way that’s both practical and educational.
  • High School – University: W600 (620 x 380 x 500): Designed for older students, this locker offers dividable compartments for books and backpacks, catering to their greater storage needs. With options for 3S or DL-12 locks, it meets the essential security demands of this age group, who are proficient with lock mechanisms.

Advantages of ABS Locker Material

When choosing lockers for educational spaces, the material is a critical consideration for safety, durability, and aesthetics. ABS lockers offer a unique combination of features that cater to these needs, making them a popular choice among schools. 

Read about the distinct advantages of ABS lockers and how they enhance the learning environment:

  • High strength, can withstand strong impact of external force, no distortion, increase the security of each individual student
  • ABS material is non-flammable, recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Not mouldy, breathable, easy to clean, not affected by chemical cleaning
  • Delicate design with no corners, ensuring safety for students, especially in the age of hyperactivity
  • Extensive locking system, easy to use for all ages
  • Cabinet size varies, suitable for students’ height from pre-school to university
  • Lightweight, easy to move and reposition
  • Bright and diverse colour range, suitable for school spaces

Benefits of School Lockers

School lockers appear popular in countries around the world and this concept is evolving in Singapore. ABS lockers are very popular in international and private schools in Singapore because of the great benefits it brings.

Firstly, ABS lockers provide secure spaces for students to store their books and personal belongings, reducing their bag load and hence helping them avoid spinal diseases in their growing years. 

Secondly, schools can optimise the classroom space with the use of ABS lockers, adding uniqueness and modern design with elegance. 

Thirdly, the use of lockers for schools helps students develop a healthy habit of safekeeping personal belongings at an early age, and reassures parents of the safety of that property.

Children can store their backpacks, books, food containers every morning in the lockers, reducing unnecessary weight on their developing bodies.

Moreover, ABS lockers contribute to a more organised and efficient learning environment by minimising clutter in classrooms. This organisation extends to helping students manage their time and responsibilities better, as they have a designated place for their materials. 

Additionally, the vibrant colours and customisable designs of our ABS lockers can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the school, making the atmosphere more inviting and stimulating for learning. This investment in ABS lockers reflects a commitment to student well-being and academic excellence.

Why Choose Locker & Lock for School Lockers

Unlock the advantages of choosing Locker & Lock for your school’s locker solutions:

  • Decades of Trusted Expertise: With more than 30 years in the industry, our extensive experience and knowledge guarantees we adeptly navigate the evolving needs of educational environments.
  • Advanced Security Features: Leverage innovative locking mechanisms, including state-of-the-art wireless smart locks or traditional number combination locks for unmatched security and peace of mind.
  • Customisable Options: We provide bespoke locker configurations, allowing schools to choose sizes, colours, and features that best fit their environment and needs.
  • Dedicated Support Team: Our comprehensive customer service ensures schools receive personalised selection advice and responsive post-installation support, guaranteeing seamless integration and ongoing satisfaction.

Get Your School Lockers Today

As Singapore’s educational standards evolve, so does the need for modern locker solutions. Locker & Lock leads the way with customisable school lockers designed to address the unique spatial and security requirements of educational institutions. 

Transform your school’s approach to storage—contact us today for lockers in Singapore that meet today’s educational demands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our School Lockers

Yes, our school lockers are fully customisable to accommodate specific space constraints and design preferences. Locker & Lock takes pride in offering tailored solutions, ensuring that each locker configuration perfectly aligns with your school’s layout and aesthetic vision. From varying sizes and configurations to a wide range of colours and locking mechanisms, we work closely with you to create lockers that fit seamlessly into your educational environment.

Absolutely! We offer school lockers with advanced security features, including biometric access and remote monitoring options. These technologies are designed to enhance safety and ease of use for students and staff, ensuring belongings are securely stored. 

For more detailed information on integrating these modern security solutions into your school’s lockers, please contact us.

To ensure the durability and longevity of our school lockers, we utilise high-grade Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a material renowned for its strength and resistance to environmental stress. Our rigorous quality control process includes extensive testing for wear and tear, ensuring each locker withstands the demanding daily use in schools, maintaining its integrity over years of service.

To keep school lockers in optimal condition, begin with a comprehensive application of disinfectant spray to cover every surface, ensuring a clean, germ-free environment. Continue by softly wiping these areas with disinfectant wipes to effectively eliminate dirt while maintaining sterility. It’s essential to completely dry the lockers post-cleaning to prevent any moisture-related complications. For tackling more stubborn stains, carefully use a mild detergent, which helps in maintaining the locker’s appearance without causing damage.

Additionally, conduct regular inspections of hinges and locks. Critical steps such as lubricating moving parts and tightening loose screws are essential to ensure smooth functionality.

Certainly! At Locker & Lock, we provide specialised support tailored for school lockers, encompassing everything from the precise installation to regular maintenance and efficient repair services. Our team, well-versed in the specific demands of educational settings, works closely with schools to guarantee lockers are not just installed but are also maintained to the highest standards, ensuring they remain secure and fully functional for the long haul.