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Lockers for Hospitals

In Singapore, in addition to foreign-invested factories and international schools, investors also focus on the healthcare sector with many international hospital facilities being built. These hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to serve diagnostic and surgical needs, with infection control standards as a top priority. International hospitals have also equipped healthcare workers as well as patients with high quality and durable ABS locker system for storage.

Why is ABS locker used in the hospital? It is because ABS locker lockers ensure all criteria of safety and hygiene, and cleaning can occur regularly to maintain high standards of infection control. In comparison, conventional iron and wood lockers are unable to withstand regular cleaning and corrodes as a result. This increases maintenance cost in the long run. In addition, cabinets with a variety of sizes and colors can optimize the hospital space and add vibrance to the environment.

ABS locker cabinets can be installed in the patient room next to each patient’s bed, allowing the patient to store possessions and essentials such as pillows, clothes, food and drinks, using security locks. This prevents theft and allows the patient to recover in ease. ABS locker can also be used to store personal belongings of healthcare workers in staff lounges, pantries and shower areas, reducing clutter and risks of sli;pping or tripping over a pair of shoes or bag.

The outstanding advantages of ABS locker cabinets
  • High strength, able to withstand strong impact of external force, no distortion
  • ABS material is non-flammable, meets fire protection standards, and has environmental friendly recycling capabilities
  • Not moldy, breathable, easy to clean, not affected by detergent
  • Not angled design, safe for users
  • Diverse sizes, with hanging bars for clothes/uniforms
  • Lightweight, easy to move and reposition
  • Modern colors and aesthetically pleasing
  • Locking system is secure and ensures the safety of each individual’s property
How to choose the size of ABS locker for hospitals (C x R x S)?

-> Customers can choose ABS locker – W600 series (620 x 382 x 500) – can hold personal belongings, clothes, food, drinks, medical equipment and medicine.