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Lockers for Factories

In industrial areas or large factories, managing thousands of workers a day can be challenging- from attendance to running operations – to  ensure security and confidentiality.

Let us put ourselves in the position of a worker. Their lives have a lot to worry about- from providing basic needs and daily expenses to long working hours and potentially hazardous environment that can reduce their productivity. Therefore, ensuring that employees have a well-deserved standard of welfare can contribute to reducing worries in their lives, making workers feel comfortable in the process of work, resulting in increased efficiency.

ABS locker cabinets for factories will be a long-term beneficial investment as foreign-invested factories in Singapore are gradually switching to ABS lockers instead of traditional iron cabinets. When managing such a large number of employees, the loss of personal property can occur regularly and this can affect the morale of the workers as well as cause them to lose focus on work. With the ABS locker system and high quality locks,  the solution provides security for each user’s personal property, possibily reducing theft and increasing their sense of security at work.

In addition, ABS locker cabinets with superior material, is easy to scrub and clean, ensuring hygiene and safety for employees’ storage areas. The use of  3S number lock designed specifically for the cabinet, is easy to use, simple to manage without the hassle of managing lost keys.

The salient features of ABS locker:
  • High strength, able to withstand strong impact of external force, no distortion
  • ABS material is non-flammable, meets fire protection standards, and has environmental friendly recycling capabilities
  • Not moldy, breathable, easy to clean, not affected by detergent
  • Not angled design, safe for users
  • Diverse sizes, with hanging bars for workers
  • Lightweight, easy to move and reposition
  • Modern colors and aesthetically pleasing
  • Locking system is secure and ensures the safety of each individual’s property
Types of ABS locker cabinets suitable to the factory area: (height x width x depth)
  • W900 Series (930 x 382 x 500) – can hold clothes, shoes, personal belongings, backpacks (with hangers and dividers)
  • W600 Series: (620 x 382 x 500) – can hold clothes, shoes, personal belongings, backpacks