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Lockers for Supermarkets & Shopping Centres

Have you shopped at a supermarket or a commercial center with receptionist counters? Organizing consignment areas is becoming expensive in terms of personnel and space. By using smart lockers in the entrance areas of the supermarket as well as the large lobby areas in the commercial center with high human traffic flow, costs can be avoided and spaces can be utilised more effectively.

At a time when technology is gradually dominating the market, the use of a smart device such as MCU locker cabinets in supermarket premises and shopping centers with high human traffic flow will help trade. Your brand is enhanced with greater competitiveness compared to other brands.

The outstanding advantages of locker MCU:
  • Infrared sensor in the cabinet helps identify if the drawer is empty or occupied
  • LED lights in the cabinet help customers locate items in ease  even under low light conditions
  • Cabinets are designed according to the Cubic effect to increase the visual effect in the eyes of the viewer, enhancing the elegance of the cabinet
  • Many options for sending and receiving methods such as using a PIN, a barcode or RFID chip
  • Diverse colors and customised images can be designed upon request
  • Fully automated and saves management costs
MCU locker cabinet options for supermarket area:
  • MCU locker cabinets use barcodes
  • MCU locker cabinets use PIN

Number of drawers: 12 – 16 – 20 – 24 – 28 – 36 – 48