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Number combination locks are locking devices that require a numerical code to be opened. Our number combination locks are built out of zinc alloy and have a shiny chrome finish. With easy 3 number dials and an automatic scrambling feature, these locks are suitable for a range of applications on your lockers in school, gym, or office. They work well on metal, ABS and PVC plastic, as well as timber lockers.

Benefits Of Using Number Combination Locks

There are many different types of combination locks available on the market. What type of lock should you get? It comes down to the function of the lock, how comfortable you are with security settings and the ease of use you may be looking at. Prices also tend to matter for the comfort you get from knowing that your belongings are secure with a robust lock system.

The number combination locks are popular for a variety of reasons, namely for its ease of use and functionality.

  1. Ease of use: Number combination locks are keyless, so losing your keys are no longer a concern. You can always reset the configuration on the locks by simply resetting with the sole master key that comes with it.
  2. Functionality:Our number combination locks are perfect for a number of applications. You can use them on cabinets, lockers and drawers – wherever applicable for you.
  3. Security: Need to secure your belongings but desire a simpler, cost-effective solution? The number combination locks are a foolproof solution. Secure, durable and simple, these locks are versatile.

Purchase Number Combination Locks in Singapore

Locker & Lock® is an established storage solutions provider in Singapore. Our locks collection features more than just number combination locks. We also offer key locks, retrofit locks and electronic locks. Likewise, our storage solutions include lockers and locker rentals. To find out more about our comprehensive storage systems, contact us today.

Key Specifications
  • Prefixed number combination codes
  • Master key for emergency opening
  • Control Chart
  • Equipped with block guard Anti-shim technology
  • 48mm wide double-reinforced stainless steel body
  • 19mm tall and hardened steel shackle
  • Easy 3 number dial with automatic scrambling feature