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Cam and Cabinet Locks

Installing cabinet locks can improve the overall security of your house, office or gym. We provide a whole range of security solutions in the form of cam, cabinet and electronic cabinet locks in Singapore.

Locks are very necessary for increased safety and security. Depending on the location or building you are looking to secure, the type of locks you may need to buy might differ. Cam and cabinet locks are not obvious features that one notices immediately but they do represent some of the most significant security features.

Cam Locks

A type of cylindrical fastener – cam locks are used to secure the interior without it affecting the appearance of the cabinet on the outside. Cam locks are appealing to customers because they are able to fully secure a cabinet with privacy – requiring a key from the outside to open the cabinet. Cam locks are also often fixed at the joints to improve the security feature of the cabinet.

Cabinet Locks

Similar to cam locks, cabinet locks are designed to be much smaller than standard-sized locks that go onto the cabinet doors. Due to the smaller size, cabinet locks are perfect to secure smaller appliances such as cash registers and display cabinets.

Improved technology has allowed for electronic cabinet locks to be built – elevating the security feature of these locks. Installing electronic cabinet locks give you the advantage of going keyless. We provide these locks as well here in Singapore. The digitalised version offers a greater level of convenience – especially if the cabinets are part of a gym or an office where different people are going to be using it.

Purchase Cabinet Locks

Looking to purchase electronic or normal cabinet locks in Singapore? Locker & Lock® is an established provider offering a wide range of products and services – lockers, locks and locker rentals. To find out more about our services, contact us today.