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ABS Locker Storage Singapore

The ABS locker offers a smart and modern storage solution suited for a variety of applications. The ABS plastic locker is built to be versatile, to endure humidity and moisture – making it the ideal choice over the traditional lockers. ABS locker types offered are modular, customisable and can be assembled to your preferred design arrangements.

To help you create a pleasant and secured locker solution, our ABS locker range comes in a range of door colours and an array of locking options available for you to choose from.

Pick from our 4 different types of ABS locker selections in Singapore:

  • ABS W-Series Lockers: Smallest size can stack up to 6 compartments and the biggest up to 2 compartments in height.
  • ABS T-Series Lockers: Smallest size can stack up to 10 compartments and the biggest up to 4 compartments in height.
  • ABS N-Series Lockers: These ABS plastic lockers are available in 5 different sizes.
  • ABS M-Series Lockers: Available in 2 different models and sizes, the ABS M-Series Lockers in the smallest size can stack up to 9 compartments and larger size up to 5 compartments in height.

Benefits of the ABS Locker For Facilities in Singapore

Built of engineering grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), these plastic lockers are popular for several reasons.

  1. Durability: The ABS locker series offered by us are durable, strong and will be able to last through significant wear and tear. They are also made from plastic so they can be easily sanitised.
  2. Design: Offered in a range of colours and sizes, the ABS locker series can be easily customised to meet the design arrangements of your facility.
  3. Versatility: With different sizing dimensions, increased durability and multiple lock options, our ABS lockers are designed ideal to suit the demands of different storage needs and capacities.

ABS Locker Supplier in Singapore

Locker & Lock® provides different types of ABS locker capabilities for your storage solution needs in Singapore. Our ABS plastic locker series are durable, strong and versatile enough to satisfy the storage requirements of your facilities. Find out more about our ABS locker series in Singapore by contacting us today.