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Buy School Lockers from Locker & Lock Malaysia

With a focus on quality and reliability, Locker & Lock® is your trusted partner in creating organised and conducive learning spaces across Malaysia. Our school lockers provide secure, durable and versatile storage options, enhancing the overall school experience for students. Explore our selection to find the ideal lockers in Malaysia tailored to your institution’s requirements.

Our Esteemed Clients

We’ve had the privilege to collaborate with a wide range of educational institutions across Malaysia, providing them with top-tier school locker solutions. Here are some of our valued clients who chose us as their locker supplier in Malaysia.

Different Types of School Lockers

We offer a variety of school locker solutions tailored to suit the diverse needs of educational institutions at every level. Designed for durability, security, and ease of use, our range of ABS lockers includes the following:

  • Kindergarten: N4 (465 x 320 x 500) – These lockers are specifically designed to accommodate the storage needs of our youngest learners, with enough space for books, backpacks and lunch boxes. Equipped with cabinet-style door handles, they are perfectly suited for children who are learning to manage their own storage but are not yet ready to operate locks.
  • Primary School: W400 (465 x 382 x 500) – Tailored for the growing demands of primary school students, these lockers can hold a multitude of large books and backpacks. Offering a choice between basic door handles for easy access or the added security of 3S and DL-12 locks (wooden cabinets), these lockers adapt to varying levels of student independence and security needs. The introduction of lockable options, under teacher supervision, helps students learn responsibility while ensuring their belongings are securely stored.
  • High School to University: W600 (620 x 380 x 500) – With a focus on maximising space for an array of books and backpacks, these lockers are designed for older students who require both organisation and enhanced security. Given the maturity and awareness of high school and university students regarding the importance of safeguarding their possessions, these lockers come equipped with advanced locking options, such as 3S or DL-12 locks (cabinets).

Advantages of ABS Locker Material

When selecting the right lockers for schools, the material plays a pivotal role in ensuring durability, safety, and environmental responsibility. ABS lockers, with their remarkable properties, stand out as ideal choices for educational institutions. 

Here are the outstanding advantages of ABS locker cabinets:

  • High strength, can withstand the strong impact of external force and no distortion while increasing the security of each individual student
  • ABS material is non-flammable, recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Mould-resistant, breathable, easy to clean and not affected by chemical cleaning
  • Delicate design with no corners, ensuring safety for students, especially in the age of hyperactivity
  • Extensive locking system and easy to use for all ages
  • Various cabinet sizes to suit students’ heights from pre-school to university levels
  • Lightweight, making it easy to move and reposition
  • Bright and diverse colour range, suitable for school spaces

Benefits of Using School Lockers

School lockers, a common sight in educational institutions globally, have become increasingly popular in Malaysia. Their adoption is driven by significant advantages that extend beyond mere storage.

Firstly, ABS lockers offer a secure space for students to store books and personal items, crucially lightening their daily load and contributing to the prevention of spinal issues during crucial developmental years. This benefit not only supports student health but also provides peace of mind for parents, knowing their children’s belongings are safely stored.

Additionally, the strategic use of ABS lockers allows schools to enhance classroom environments by decluttering spaces, which can lead to improved focus and efficiency in learning. This optimisation of space is complemented by the modern and elegant design of ABS lockers, which contributes to an aesthetically pleasing and functional educational setting.

Furthermore, introducing lockers in schools encourages students to cultivate the habit of organising and safeguarding their personal belongings from an early age. This practice instils a sense of responsibility and ownership, essential life skills that benefit them beyond their school years.

Why Choose Locker & Lock® Malaysia for School Lockers?

Choosing Locker & Lock® Malaysia means opting for unparalleled quality and innovation. Our school lockers feature proprietary technology that ensures durability and security, setting us apart from competitors. What’s more, be it in selling number combination locks or storage solutions, we always offer exceptional customer service. So, you can expect us to guide you through the entire process, from the selection phase down to the installation of your order. 

Additionally, our customisation options allow schools to tailor lockers to their specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for any educational environment. With Locker & Lock®, you’re investing in more than just storage; you’re enhancing the entire educational experience.

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Create a highly organised and secure educational space with Locker & Lock® Malaysia’s school lockers. For enquiries or to discuss your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions About School Lockers

Yes, we specialise in customising school lockers to meet specific spatial and aesthetic needs. Whether it’s adjusting sizes to fit unique space constraints or matching design preferences, our team works closely with clients to ensure the final product seamlessly integrates into your educational environment.
Our school lockers are available with advanced security options, including keyless locks with a 4-digit code combination and RFID digital locks. While biometric access and remote monitoring are not currently offered, these secure locking mechanisms ensure the safekeeping of students’ belongings, aligning with our commitment to providing reliable and user-friendly security solutions for educational institutions.
Our school lockers are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-term reliability. Plus, we stand by the quality of our products with comprehensive manufacturer warranties. Please contact us for more details about the coverage.
To maintain locker longevity, we recommend regular cleaning with mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals. We also advise periodic inspections for damage or wear. Moreover, we recommend educating the students about the proper use and handling of school lockers to further extend the life of the product.
Yes, we provide comprehensive support services, including professional installation, routine maintenance, and prompt repair services. Our dedicated team ensures that your school lockers are always functioning perfectly, offering seamless service from installation to ongoing maintenance.