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Smart Lock Solutions.

As society moves towards smarter technology and IoT (Internet of Things), Locker & Lock has created our own Smart Locker System to better serve the industry’s needs.

Customers can choose to engage us to provide a total solution with a high quality locker body or choose to use one of our individual Smart Lock Series

We build Lockers & We build Solutions.

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Locker Management System - RELACSYS

1. Real-time Database Management

  • Monitor locker usage in real-time
  • Access to online information database

2. Online Audit Trails and Logs

  • Check user activity history
  • Check locker installation and service logs

3. Remote Maintenance & Flexible Installation

  • Edit settings on lockers, user info, duration of usage, ID codes
  • Freedom to increase total number of lockers, simple to pair with subsequent kiosk interface
  • Smart Locker software system can be integrated into the general management system of the business
  • Support locker information and location checking for users

4. Variety of Authentication Methods