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We have the privilege of partnering with a diverse array of customers across various industries. We provide click and collect lockers that provide businesses with a low-maintenance, low-cost last-mile delivery alternative.

Buy Smart Lockers

Smart lockers use technology-enabled solutions to automate and improve the experience of its users. Our smart lockers grant access in a number of ways like pin/passwords, RFID, barcode or finger scans. This versatility in access methods caters to a wide range of user preferences and security requirements, making it easier and more secure for individuals to retrieve their belongings without the need for physical keys or manual oversight.

Much more efficient than traditional lockers, smart lockers provide a secure and reliable storage solution suitable for a variety of operations. Smart lockers are quickly becoming a common part of online retail experiences as more customers prefer to pick up their own purchases due to security concerns and convenience. More businesses are also investing in smart lockers as part of their parcel delivery systems because they are highly cost-efficient. They reduce manpower and maintenance costs as users can simply go collect their orders once they have been delivered, without the need for last-mile deliveries and shipping costs.

Types of Smart Lockers

Locker & Lock offers 3 different types of smart lockers here:

  1. The Micro Computer Unit (MCU)
  2. Intelligent Locker
  3. Our own smart lockers – Click and collect lockers and a personal storage locker system

These smart lockers are designed with different features to cater to a wide variety of applications. Our smart locker systems are ideal for theme parks, public terminals, hospitals, prisons and parcel delivery systems. Access can be granted in a number of ways like pin/passwords, RFID, barcode or finger scans. These smart lockers are also simple and user-friendly, so they can operate independently with little maintenance and operational cost.

Click and Collect Lockers

Click and collect lockers, are automated units that facilitate the secure storage and retrieval of goods purchased online. Common features of click and collect lockers include digital or electronic access controls, secure compartments, and real-time tracking for users.

With these lockers, businesses can upgrade the retail experience of their customers. These smart lockers can complement their existing delivery systems in Singapore, widening the options customers can choose from for their pick up services.

Smart Vending Locker Solutions

Smart vending lockers, also known are vending locker machines, are innovative storage systems that offer automated dispensing of products, leveraging technology for enhanced customer service and operational efficiency.

These lockers are ideal for a wide range of applications, from retail merchandise distribution to controlled access to essential supplies in workplaces. Smart vending lockers allow users to make purchases or access items through a user-friendly interface, receiving items instantly. 

Features like integrated payment systems, temperature control for sensitive items, and customisable compartment sizes set smart vending lockers apart, making them a versatile solution for modern business needs. Additionally, vending locker machines also provide 24/7 availability and increased transaction security.

Benefits Of Smart Lockers & Smart Vending Lockers

Smart lockers and smart vending lockers present a multitude of benefits, revolutionising how businesses and consumers interact with storage and vending solutions. Similar to medicine vending machines, these advanced systems offer unparalleled convenience, allowing for 24/7 collection and purchase of goods, which is particularly beneficial in today’s fast-paced society where traditional business hours don’t always align with consumer needs.

For businesses, the implementation of smart lockers significantly enhances operational efficiency. By automating the distribution and collection process, companies can reduce manpower and associated costs, whilst also minimising human error. The secure nature of these lockers ensures that goods are protected until retrieved by the authorised individual, thus reducing the risk of theft or loss.

Smart vending lockers take this a step further by incorporating vending capabilities, allowing customers to purchase items without human interaction. This not only facilitates a seamless transaction experience but also supports social distancing measures. The integration of advanced technologies, such as secure payment systems and real-time inventory tracking, provides a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for both vendors and consumers. Moreover, the adaptability of smart lockers to various environments — from retail to corporate settings — demonstrates their versatility.

Why Choose Locker & Lock for Smart Lockers

Choosing Locker & Lock for smart lockers offers distinct advantages that set us apart in the market:

  1. Our smart locker solutions incorporate the latest in security technology, providing unmatched protection for users’ belongings with features like biometric authentication and advanced encryption. This ensures that personal items are stored safely and securely. 
  2. Locker & Lock offers unparalleled customisability, allowing our clients to tailor the smart locker systems to their specific operational needs, whether that’s adjusting locker sizes, integrating with existing systems, or custom branding options.
  3. Our smart lockers and vending locker machines feature an intuitive user interface, making them accessible and easy to use for people of all ages and tech-savviness.
  4. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional after-sales support, ensuring that any issues are promptly resolved, and our clients get the most out of their investment.

This commitment to innovation, customisation, user experience, and support makes Locker & Lock the ideal choice for smart locker solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Lockers

Smart lockers integrate several advanced technologies to optimise delivery logistics and streamline operations. These include digital access controls that allow secure, keyless entry via PIN codes or RFID scanning, and real-time tracking systems to monitor locker usage and availability. Additionally, automated notification systems alert users when parcels are ready for collection, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of the delivery process.

To protect items stored in click and collect lockers, several security measures are implemented.

Our smart lockers are equipped with robust encryption protocols to safeguard digital data and prevent unauthorised access. Additionally, physical security is also ensured with durable construction materials resistant to tampering and forced entry.

Furthermore, access to the lockers is controlled through secure authentication methods, such as unique PINs, biometric verification, or electronic keys, ensuring that only authorised individuals can retrieve the stored items. Moreover, surveillance cameras and alarm systems can be integrated to provide an additional layer of security.

Yes, smart vending locker machines can accommodate perishable items or temperature-sensitive goods. These specialised lockers are equipped with climate control features, such as refrigeration and heating capabilities, to maintain the optimal temperature for stored items. This makes them suitable for a wide range of products, from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and floral arrangements, ensuring that perishable goods remain fresh and in pristine condition until collected by the consumer.

Businesses can customise smart lockers to meet specific needs through various options:

  1. Size and compartment configuration can be tailored to accommodate different item dimensions, from small parcels to larger packages.
  2. Exterior designs and branding can also be customised, allowing companies to apply their logos, colour schemes, and marketing messages on the locker surfaces, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.
  3. Software interfaces can be adapted to include custom functionalities or integrate with existing business systems, offering a seamless user experience.

Yes, our Locker & Lock smart lockers are compatible with mobile apps for remote access and management, providing a highly convenient and efficient way for users to interact with the locker system. These apps allow users to open lockers, manage deliveries, and receive notifications directly from their smartphones.

For businesses, the apps offer functionalities for monitoring locker usage, generating access codes, and managing logistics operations remotely. This integration enhances the flexibility and accessibility of smart locker systems, making them a versatile solution for modern logistical challenges.