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Smart Lockers Malaysia

Much more efficient than traditional lockers, smart lockers provide a secure and reliable storage solution suitable for sizable operations. Smart lockers use technology-enabled solutions to automate and improve the experience of its users. Smart lockers are cost-efficient – they reduce manpower and maintenance costs as users can simply go collect their orders once they have been delivered, without the need for last-mile deliveries and shipping costs. Click and collect lockers are becoming increasingly common in online retail experiences primarily because users prefer to pick up their own purchases due to security concerns.

Simple and user-friendly, our smart lockers can perform on its own with little maintenance and operational cost.

Our smart locker systems are ideal for Theme Parks, Public Terminals, Hospitals, Prisons and Parcel Delivery Systems. Access can be granted in a number of ways like pin/passwords, RFID, barcode or finger scans.

Types of Smart Lockers Malaysia

Locker & Lock offers 3 different types of smart lockers here in Malaysia:

  1. The Micro Computer Unit (MCU)
  2. Intelligent Locker
  3. Our own smart lockers – Click and collect lockers and a personal storage locker system

Our smart lockers in Malaysia are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Businesses that utilise click and collect lockers can streamline their operations and make the process easier and much more efficient for their customers. Smart lockers are both secure and efficient, improving the customer experience and satisfaction when they are deployed in place of deliveries. Though click and collect lockers are not meant to replace traditional last-mile deliveries, they can be a solid alternative for customers who prefer in-store pick up options.

Improve User Experience With Click and Collect Lockers

Upgrade the retail experience of your customers through the deployment of click and collect lockers. These smart lockers can complement your existing delivery systems in Malaysia, widening the options customers can choose from for their pick up services. Smart lockers are set to revolutionise the retail experience in the market, and you can start by using our options available in Malaysia. To find out more about our smart lockers and systems in Malaysia, contact us today.