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Retrofit Locks

Retrofit locks are a type of lock that are built to fit your current cam lock frame, eliminating the need for you to even replace or reconstruct the lock hole size.

Some of these retrofit locks come with keyless features and a master key option – giving you the ability to secure your home without depending on a physical key to the lock. The convenient replacement feature of the retrofit locks grant you greater convenience and security with the configuration of just the code.

Features Of Retrofit Locks

The biggest advantage of retrofit locks is that they can be fitted on the inside of the door without requiring any hassle of changing the locks or keys. These make retrofit locks the perfect solution for houses, offices and gyms. Areas that encounter a higher volume of traffic run into higher tendencies for missing locks and keys, making these retrofit locks the smarter choice. With these smarter locks, missing keys are a thing of the past.

What are the features that come with retrofit locks?

  • They come with configurable codes so they can be keyless
  • Users can set preferred 4 digit combination code
  • Master Key control provided
  • Retrofit Locks are mechanically operated
  • Fit for use across plastic, metal and wooden lockers

Our collection of retrofit locks come with an easy installation process.

Buying Retrofit Locks

As an established provider, Locker & Lock® provides more than just retrofit locks for your storage solutions. We have a full suite of lockers, locks and locker rentals available to match your needs when it comes to storage capabilities. Not sure where to begin? Contact us today and let us help you.