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Number Combination Padlocks

Number combination locks are locking devices that require a numerical code to be opened. They are widely used in various settings, including securing luggage during travel, safeguarding lockers at gyms or schools, and protecting valuable items in safes at home or in businesses.

Our number combination locks are made of zinc alloy and have a shiny chrome finish. These locks come with easy 3-number dials and an automatic scrambling feature. They work well on metal, ABS, PVC plastic, and timber lockers.

Specifications of Number Combination Locks

Key Specifications
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Cam: Metal
  • Colour: Shiny chrome finish
  • Padlock ready
  • Barrel length available at 20 and 36 mm

(L)37.5 x (D) 23.5 mm

  • Metal Lockers
  • PVC Plastic
  • ABS Plastic
  • Timber or laminated lockers
  • Office furniture and cabinets

Our Esteemed Clients

Here are our various clients who trust our number combination locks for their security needs.

Benefits Of Using Number Combination Locks

There are a number of combination locks available on the market. What type of lock should you get? It comes down to the function of the lock, how comfortable you are with security settings and the ease of use you may be looking at. Prices also tend to matter for the comfort you get from knowing that your belongings are secure with a robust lock system.

The number combination locks are popular for a variety of reasons, namely for their ease of use and functionality.

  1. Ease of use: Number combination locks are keyless, so losing your keys is no longer a concern. You can always reset the configuration on the locks by simply resetting with the sole master key that comes with it.
  2. Functionality: Our number combination locks are perfect for several applications. You can use them on cabinets, lockers and drawers – wherever applicable for you.
  3. Security: Need to secure your belongings but desire a simpler, cost-effective solution? The number combination locks are a foolproof solution. Secure, durable and simple, these locks are versatile.

Why Choose Locker & Lock Malaysia for Number Combination Locks

When selecting number combination locks, choose Locker & Lock in Malaysia for quality and reliability. Our padlocks boast durable construction, user-friendly combinations, and versatile compatibility with various locker materials. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust our number combination locks for your security needs.

Contact Us for Number Combination Locks Enquiries

If you have any enquiries about our number combination locks or need assistance with choosing the right locking solution for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team at Locker & Lock is here to provide expert advice and support. 

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Number Combination Locks

If you forget the combination to open our number combination locks, you can easily reset the configuration. For this, you have to use the sole master key provided with our lock. This key allows you to reset the combination of the lock. As a keyless lock supplier, we ensure that our locks offer hassle-free solutions for restoring access without the need for additional tools or assistance from the manufacturer.

Number combination locks do not require batteries or external power sources to function. These locks operate solely based on mechanical interactions between the dials and the locking mechanism. This makes them reliable and convenient security solutions, particularly in situations where you have limited or no access to power.
Our number combination locks made of zinc alloy are generally durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions. Zinc alloy offers corrosion resistance and durability, making our locks suitable for exposure to elements like rain, humidity, and temperature variations. However, periodic maintenance and protection from extreme weather can further extend their lifespan.

Number combination locks offer simplicity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness compared to biometric or electronic locking systems. These locks don’t require power sources or complex electronic components, making them easily accessible to everyone. Additionally, they eliminate privacy concerns associated with biometric systems and are easier to maintain and use for different places, such as school lockers, gym lockers, luggage, and safes, providing convenient and secure solutions for various applications.

To maintain your number combination lock, clean it with a soft cloth and lubricate the moving parts of the lock. Also, avoid exposing the lock to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. Besides this, periodically check for any signs of wear or damage to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the lock.