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Keyless Locks Supplier

As its name suggests, keyless locks are smart locks that remove the unnecessary hassle of bringing around physical keys and improve the security of your storage. Lockers used to be primarily used in schools and gyms but they are now much more commonplace, becoming popular in offices and industrial buildings for the solutions they provide.

Our 3S and DL-12 keyless locks are made up of ABS Plastic materials. When it comes to keyless locks, as a supplier, we believe in developing products that are versatile and easy to use across a range of needs.  Our keyless locks are ideal to use for generic lockers employed in schools, clubs, sports and recreational areas, homes or even for personal lockers.

Benefits Of Keyless Locks | Locker & Lock Supplier For Storage Solutions

The biggest benefit of using keyless locks for lockers is the convenience of not having to lug around physical keys. As a supplier of locks and lockers, our keyless locks come with several features that make them compatible for use on lockers you may have at the gym or in school.

Keyless locks also provide you with additional security – with physical locks, there are real security risks if users misplace their key sets. You also eliminate the need to make multiple copies of keys – smart keyless locks from us as your supplier means greater accessibility and durability as a solution.

As a supplier, we guarantee that these features are what makes these locks the prime choice for your lockers:

  • User can set their preferred 4 digit combination code
  • Master key control
  • Mechanically operated
  • Suitable for Plastic, metal and wooden lockers

Need Keyless Locks For Your Lockers? | Locker & Lock As Your Supplier

Locker & Lock® offers a range of keyless locks for your lockers in Malaysia. More than just smart locks, as a supplier we carry the full suite of storage capabilities. From lockers, locks to locker rentals, we have the solution for you. Enquire more with us today.