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Locker Rental Services Malaysia

Locker & Lock offers a wide range of products – locker rental services, lockers and locks are available to match your storage capacity needs in Malaysia. If you are looking for storage capacity but not looking to purchase lockers, the locker rental services might be a better option. Our locker rental services are designed to suit both short and long term needs.

Benefits of Our Locker Rental Services in Malaysia

There are numerous benefits that come with our locker rental services in Malaysia.

  • Speedy Support
  • No Service Responsibilities
  • Additional Revenue
  • Employee Training Provided
  • Lockers That are Available

Locker Rental (Short / Long Term)

  • Pay a fix amount for our locker rental
  • Choose from a wide range of our rental workers
  • Rental Rates varies with the type of locker and quantity of rental

Locker Rental Placement (Profit-sharing)

  • Extra source of revenue with no capital investment
  • Collection will be shared as per contract agreement
  • Free Supply and installation of the Locker System
Speedy Support
No Service Responsibities
Additional Revenue
Employee Training Provided

Lockers that are available

What are you waiting For?

We make use of your free space to bring in additional revenue for your business.

We provide professionally

We manage locker rental and placement service to relieve organisations from the hassle of locker administration, maintenance and management.


Locker & Lock® is an established storage solutions provider in Malaysia. Not only do we provide locker rental services in Malaysia, but we also offer purchases of locks and lockers to match the storage capacity needs you may have for different facilities.

To find out more about our comprehensive storage systems, contact us today or email us at to find out which locker suits your needs most!