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Locker & Lock® is a market leader in storage solutions by constantly improving with new ideas, research, development and application of latest technology into our products.


Locker & Lock® is the fastest-growing distributor for locker storage systems. We empower our remarkable portfolio of customers and clients to enjoy faster, easier and more convenient storage. Over the past 30 years, we have tapped on innovation, space-saving technology and the versatility of our talents to administer customised storage solution to a broad and diverse clientele. Today, our international community has a regional footprint with locations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. We have also rendered our services and smart storage solutions to numerous business across the Asia-Pacific region. Not to mention we have the most comprehensive range of lockers in the Asia-Pacific region ranging from Smart Lockers to ABS, PVC & Metals. With security, durability and convenience as the bedrocks of our organization, Locker & Lock® is the organization you can depend on for effective storage solutions.


After many years of research, we realized that in modern society, security and personal storage are really necessary. That is also the reason why Locker & Lock® launched the main product line – ABS locker cabinets and high quality locks. Locker & Lock® has made a name for itself through innovation and is always innovating to make the best products. To meet the needs of consumers, Locker & Lock® needs to grow and reach out to the world, each of our members believe that Locker & Lock® will be able to stand and thrive in a global market. bridge.


Our mission is to provide people with high quality products, meeting the security and storage needs of all customers around the world, contributing to the convenience and absolute safety for the life. living. Accordingly, learn and develop the type of product to better serve a wide range of customers as well as keep up with future market trends.